Elke maand geeft de Britse Award Winning Men Stylist Sam Wall zijn visie op de kapperswereld. Deze keer viert hij samen met ons het verleden binnen het thema van deze editie van Coiffure Magazine: 'Celebrate History'. 

“So with this article I got asked to look back at history of hair and incorporate it into my column. This got me thinking and I decided to take a look back at the 90’s. Mainly because that was when I was growing up and thought about how much men’s hair has changed since then, especially the range of products available now rather than just wet look gels. Being part of the American Crew Elite Team this interests me even more as David Raccuglia launched the brand in 1994. The range gives us guys plenty of options, other than the use of gels.
Last year I did a 90’s inspired photoshoot as I wanted to take it back and recreate the ‘boy band’ look with ‘curtains’ that were so popular at the time. One of my best friends at school was the only one I knew that really could pull this off. His name was Danny Griffin, he thought he was a ‘lady killer’ with his undercut and rock hard styled curtains, but to be fair it was a huge hit. Now he’s rocking a fashionable crop, I want to eventually bring him round to once again rocking the curtains, so watch this space.
No matter what I did in school, the only product that was really available made my hair look wet and set it in a rock hard position so it wouldn’t move an inch, which at the time I was wearing the ‘spikey’ style. Unless it rained: then all you were left with was stinging eyes and an unwanted taste in your mouth. To this day I’m grateful to how far the male grooming industry has progressed and I honestly think that we shouldn’t forget or take for granted what has become available to us in the modern day.
I started creating this look by taking the sides shorter, disconnecting the top to achieve the 90’s undercut. However I made sure it was not as drastic and tried to make it slightly more modern. I over directed the front, when I cut it to retain its length. I then added American Crew Firm Hold Gel into the models wet hair and let it dry naturally. Even if it rains the Firm Hold Gel would not recreate the wet runny paste that tastes vile and stings the eyes.
In the image you can also see the 90’s inspired jacket that really suits the wet look and completes the models overall style. Personally I know many who disagree with me on this, but I can see curtains making a comeback one day, but of course with that modern twist which I kind of see as a loser curtain look, not so drastic and most certainly with a dryer looking product applied. I have seen a few styles that resemble the 90’s curtains already, but working with the natural parting, only time will tell if this trend will take off again.”

Sam Wall

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