Elke maand geeft de Britse Award Winning Men Stylist Sam Wall zijn visie op de kapperswereld. Deze keer blikt hij terug op Barber Society Live 2019.

"April 7th and 8th of 2019 are 2 dates I won’t forget in a hurry. These were the dates of the Amsterdam show BSL19. This was the 4th successive year that this show was put on and what a show it proved to be.

I am very blessed in my career to have experienced many shows in the UK and abroad, however this is certainly the best show I’ve ever attended in Europe and it just keeps getting better and better. It is a privilege to see the growth for BSL from day one.

With the likes of Julius Caesar, Leah Hayden-Cassidy and Ruger headlining along with many other tops names like The RAT Pack and The Keune Team (which was also the shows sponsor), meant I was especially excited to be attending this years show. 

Marc Van Der Hare and Miranda Vlas are the genius’s behind this wonderful show of events and they kindly asked me to once again be a judge for the second year in a row. The organisation behind this event is impeccable and from the moment I landed to the moment I left I was in awe of just how smooth an operation these guys ran. 

I could talk about this event for ages and I would recommend anyone to attend this next year. However I wanted to focus a little on the talent that I saw over the 2 days I was judging. There were 2 competitions, The Barber Battle and The Young Talent Barber Battle. Both included finalists from all over the world. There were 20 finalists in each category and every contestant showed passion, skill, creativity and determination. Let’s remember it’s not easy to compete, especially cutting live models and in front a huge audience. So a massive congratulations to everyone who took park as the level was so high. 

Contestants flew from all over the world to compete including Romania, Greece, Norway, Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria and Belgium. It is one of the best battles that I have been involved in and I wanted to congratulate all the winners, finalists and the BSL team behind this as it was a competition to remember. Every contestant should be proud of what they have achieved. 

Will hopefully see you all again next year at Barber Society Live 2020!”

Sam Wall

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