Elke maand geeft de Britse Award Winning Men Stylist Sam Wall zijn visie op de kapperswereld. Deze keer over een mooie samenwerking, namelijk deze shoot. 

“This article isn’t hair related as such. It´s just a little story about the series of images above which are called ´New Romance´.

Now this was a simple test shoot with a new faces model called William Crone and a newly qualified photographer, who works alongside me at Hidden Heights Creative Studio. She’s called Hayley Crone, they are indeed brother and sister. For those who don’t know, a test shoot is a photo shoot to test out some looks on a model and create imagines for their potential portfolio. Test shoots are mostly unpaid, so creatives either do it for the love or to build their own portfolio.

The title of this column - Be Selfish and Help Others - might sound like it contradicts itself. This is what I want to talk about today. I believe in Karma. Now we didn’t intend to send any of the ‘New Romance’ series out to be published. However I found out (which I can’t believe I didn’t know) that Hayley Crone hadn’t had her work published before. I then took this opportunity and set myself a goal. The goal was simple, to get Hayley published. So I put her under slight pressure and asked for these images to be edited and sent back with a quick turnaround.

Anyway I looked at the series and I was in love with them, so sent them off to see if we could get them published. The first magazine I tried accepted straight away and I very happily went back and told Hayley that she had her first publication and as you can imagine, she was over the moon.

The moral of this story is that when I do good for someone and help people, it feels amazing. I’m very lucky to be in a position to help someone like Hayley and others in the hair and fashion world, but everyone can help everyone in one way or other. Now the way I see it, is that surely if I am doing something out of the kindness of my heart to help others, yet it makes me feel amazing myself….. wouldn’t you say that was selfish? But that’s the best kind of selfish to be, if you ask me. We need to be more selfish at times, but only in the right way.”

Mr Sam Wall


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