Elke maand geeft de Britse Award Winning Men Stylist Sam Wall zijn visie op de kapperswereld. Deze keer vertelt hij over hoe je jouw eigen weg kunt vinden.

“In this article I want to talk about the opportunities that lay ahead of us other when cutting hair behind a chair. Now we all know that our clients are our bread and butter whether it be in a salon, barber shop, or in my case studio. However as a freelance hairstylist I want to open people’s eyes to help them realise just where this hairdressing world can take you.

I could only have dreamt of the position I’m in now back then when I started, but those dreams we have are all achievable. The images above are from a recent press pack that myself and my partner in crime, Marie Harkness, had shot. This was a press release for international DJ Jamie Roy. I remember looking at such things like this back when I was training, looking at my inspirations in the industry and wondering how the hell I could get to that level.

Well, in my experience I thought this was impossible. And I certainly didn’t really know where my journey was going to take me, I still don’t really know what lays ahead, but I’ve managed to find my way so far and for the following reason. Back then all I knew at the time was uncertainty on what I wanted or where I belonged. All I knew was that I had a passion and flare for hair and travel. I want to open your eyes and make you realise that with dedication and willingness to try every opportunity that comes your way then hopefully one day you too will find your path.

Three years ago I decided to try every angle of the industry from stage work, competitions, photoshoots, session work, education and so on….. once I finally tried everything I could then start to whittle down which areas I preferred and which I wasn’t so keen to pursue. By trying everything we are allowing many doors to be opened, by doing things out of our comfort zone we push our own boundaries and all will lead to one outcome and that’s finding the path you were destined to be on. If we don’t try and experience different paths within the industry, how can we decide what we like and what we don’t?

Easier said than done?

I agree, I hear people say how are we to find time to pursue the goals or dreams when we work 50+ hours a week in a salon? Well in my eyes its simple, if we want it enough, we will find a way to put the hours in after hours, do more out of hours and off your own back. It will only benefit YOU! Finding your path doesn’t come easy and it takes years unless your very lucky. Don’t give up too easily through frustration, plough through and you will reap the rewards. Right now I’m in a very blessed position, Myself and my team at hidden heights creative studio are achieving some wonderful things. That’s not just down to myself, but my co-workers who have the same drive and passion as I do.

Admittedly this makes my life a little easier as we are reading from the same book. As a team we are currently offering many education courses such as photoshoot courses, which helps other stylists create the perfect image for competition entries or that perfect collection you’ve always wanted but not quite sure how to achieve it. I believe in sharing all my knowledge with you all, but I can only share that knowledge if people want it, it’s down to each of you guys to use it to your advantage and go and achieve what you believe you can. 

“You can only lead a horse to water, you can’t make them drink it”

Follow your path, trust your gut and go for every opportunity that arises. Oh and remember to have fun along the way!"

Sam Wall

You can find out exactly what courses we offer via www.mrsamwall.co.uk. / www.hiddenheightsstudio.com. 

Fotografie: Marie Harkness

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