Om de zoveel weken zal de Britse Award Winning Men Stylist Sam Wall zijn visie op de kapperswereld geven. Hij werkt voor o.a. London Fashion Week en London Fashion Week Men. Hij heeft al meerdere titels en nominaties op zijn naam staan. Deze keer vertelt hij over de long textured crop.

The crop is a haircut that is in demand at this moment in time. I decided to mix it up a little with this version by working with the longer looser look. Rather then blunting the fringe off I worked with the natural fall of the hair and cut the fringe in free hand to suit the cows lick. I cut the sides short with clippers, keeping the shape very square as I didn't want to loose that masculine look. Once I reach the transitional period I used scissor over comb to blend, which left texture leading into the top. I then point cut the top from back to front, over directing each section to my previous guide line which left length towards the front. I then finger dried and styled using a matte product.

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