Elke maand geeft de Britse Award Winning Men Stylist Sam Wall zijn visie op de kapperswereld. Deze keer vertelt hij over de 'new masculine look'.

“This haircut has many elements to it. This style was created by using many different cutting techniques and also layering of products. First of all, I placed a horse shoe section from recession to recession. I started on the right-hand side and used the clipper over comb technique, following the travelling guideline all the way round to the opposite side of the head.

With this technique it helped leave the hair long enough with plenty of texture, which could be blow dried and styled back. I kept the shape very square which is so important to achieve that masculine look. I scissor cut around the edges of the neck line and around the ears which left a very soft finish.

Moving on to the top I left it disconnected. I placed a section down the centre profile. I then over directed the hair to above the ear in small sections. This maintained the length and I point cut to add texture. I repeated this on both sides. When it came to joining the back, I didn’t leave it disconnected. I blended it in, but still point cut which helped create more texture and balanced out the whole haircut.

After I had completed the base and had created the shape, I then added to the internal structure by removing weight with a feather razor. I specifically chose a feather razor and placed exactly where I wanted to remove weight and add movement. This helped support the haircut internally and created directional movement from within.

Once the haircut was complete I then added a blow dry lotion, which was American Crew Texture Foam and blow dried into style. Once fully dried I placed a Boost Powder at the root to give extra root lift. Finally, I finished with a lighter product (a Defining Paste) as I wanted to highlight all the texture.”


Fotografie: Marie Harkness
Model: Tyne Tees Model Agency

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