We hebben een nieuwe columnist voor je in de aanbieding. De Britse Award Winning Men Stylist Sam Wall zal vanaf nu zijn visie op de kapperswereld geven. Hij werkt voor o.a. London Fashion Week en London Fashion Week Men. Hij heeft al meerdere titels en nominaties op zijn naam staan. Deze keer vertelt hij over een hairlook.

"When cutting long hair on men it is vital keep the shape very square and avoid cutting any corners off. If we cut corners off we round of the hair cut which gives a very soft finish. In some cases guys prefer a softer finish but the main rule in my opinion would be to advise the client to keep the shape as square as possible, and avoid feminine layering. The first step I took with this haircut was to place a horse shoe section from recession to recession. I then started from the right hand side (as I am right handed) I took a vertical section, pulled it out at 90 degrees and used a feathered razor to cut. I repeated this process using my traveling guide all the way around the head. I then joined the top to the sides using the same technique which left a heavier layering whilst also maintaining the length. I used a tethered razor for added texture. I blow dried a foam into the damp hair and again finger dried to give this style that edgy look."

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