Elke maand zal de Britse Award Winning Men Stylist Sam Wall zijn visie op de kapperswereld geven. Hij werkt voor o.a. London Fashion Week en London Fashion Week Men. Hij heeft al meerdere titels en nominaties op zijn naam staan. Deze keer vertelt hij over The Mullet.

"Here we have a style that I absolutely love. With this mullet I disconnected both sides from the top and the back. I took the sides down short enough so you can just about see skin (no:2 guard). I then cut the fringe in first and made it very blunt. Once the fringe was complete, I went onto point cut the rest of the hair by using the fringe as my guide, which allowed me to achieve an overall balanced haircut. I added plenty of directional movement by slice cutting through the hair in the direction I wanted it to flow. I maintained the masculine shape by keeping it very square again. Once I was happy with the structure of the cut, I blowdried using a foam product. I then went over the fringe area and broke up the bluntness by adding more texture. I finished off using a soft hold clay and allowed that movement to do its own thing. A solid structure within any haircut is vital to achieve this which also makes it easier for the client to style at home just like the professional." 

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